Keyrus develops new Enterprise BI delivery approaches favoring 'data discovery' and advanced analytical techniques. We position ourselves as a leader in Data Science and the processing and valorization of Big Data. 

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  • Airtime Distributor

    Deployment of a Qlik dashboard and quantitative studies

  • Food processing group

    Deployment of a set of overall Business Intelligence software solutions dedicated to activity reporting and intended for 450 end-users spread over three platforms of the food-processing group

  • International banking group

    Rates Parameters and Model Control Department, independent verification of the valuation of the front office from external market informations (Totem, Collateral, Bloomberg, Brokers, etc), methodologies and calculation of reserves specifically on structured products, quantifying the uncertainty of the value of certain parameters, certain pricing models or certain market conditions, calculating the consideration of credit risk on the valuation, models calibration.

  • Major French bank

    Acceptance of the counterparty risk calculation library on market transactions. Functional acceptance of new versions of the library on exposures of CA-CIB. Restitution of new risk indicators in the intranet portal of the Bank and files generated by the tools of DRCOM to downstream systems.

  • Major services group

    In the context of the implementation of a tool for the Steering and Analysis of sales and commercial performance. Provider wanted to use the Qlikview technology in order to provide salespeople and managers with a simple and intuitive tool to analyze indicators and aid decision-making.

  • Major services group

    Study into practices and sales performance in mobile telephony at the points of sale, benchmark on 4 networks and the post offices, qualitative and quantitative study conducted with customers exiting from the point of sale as well as a mystery customer study, analysis and recommendations.

  • Mass retailing group

    Creation of a Business Intelligence master plan, assistance with choice of tools, compilation of a dictionary of indicators for general management, and several detailed documents: BI architecture, Data Exchanges, and assistance with choosing reporting tools and SID development methodology.

  • South African Financial Institution

    Implementation of the Magic Orange TBM solution to optimize the management and analysis of the institution’s cost transparency.



Keyrus proposes a broad offering of training courses and certifications. These are designed to enable enterprises to exploit the market's best solutions and optimize the performance of their project teams. We run regular courses on a number of technologies including: Qlik, Tableau, Alteryx, Data Science and more.

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