Employment Equity

Keyrus South Africa’s B-BBEE strategy has always been to ensure that our company is representative of the best combined skills and talents of the communities in which we operate and to constructively contribute towards the broader society.

As such, we are proud to hold a level 1 B-BBEE certification.

Keyrus South Africa commits itself to a program of positive redress based on employment equity and affirmation through training and education. Keyrus South Africa’s values reflect the desire to enhance, accommodate and celebrate all of South Africa’s diversity as we strive to build a dynamic team.

Social Responsibility

In addition to social responsibility programmes, Keyrus South Africa has implemented internship and graduate programmes which are designed with the aim to provide individuals with the necessary abilities to enter the corporate world and provide career opportunities.


Keyrus South Africa strives to contribute to the community and believes that education is one of the most powerful tools that any individual can be given. As a company that believes in the innovative and talented youth we like to support them. As such, Keyrus South Africa believes that the National Institute of the Deaf (NID) is a great way in which to support the education of learners. Keyrus South Africa sponsors 10 learners so that they will be able to attend NID and be given the best possible opportunities.

NID is the only private Post-School training and care institution for individuals with hearing loss in South Africa. The policies and institutional plans are in line with the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training and have been specifically developed to address the specific needs of individuals across the spectrum of hearing loss.

NID is sensitive to the needs of Deaf beneficiaries with hearing loss and addresses their challenges at the level of Post-School institutions through Deaf experts, including lecturers/facilitators, Deaf assistant facilitators, support staff and management as well as learning material that is Deaf accessible.

Special attention is provided to the needs identified for Deaf beneficiaries from previously disadvantaged families so that they can gain access to training and employment opportunities.

NID ensures that Deaf beneficiaries have equal access to opportunities (Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, 2000) where they can access resources that will benefit their future and give them a more positive outlook on life.

The NID learners experience all aspects of college life, from sports, and culture, to recreation and accommodation; fully compliant with DHET’s strategic policy framework. NID is therefore a unique training facility where Deaf accessible training prepares Deaf beneficiaries for the open hearing labour market/community and will enable them to earn a sustainable livelihood where they can contribute to South Africa’s economy. NID renders accessible training services to persons with hearing loss, and extends these training opportunities to other provinces in South Africa. Our Learners are Currently studying Computer Studies and we hope that they will soon be able to contribute to our Industry in the future.


  • Eovi Mutuelle

    Opportunity Study for an MDM - SBA initiative. Validation of an MDM architecture, launch of a project to expose reference data. (Perimeter & Concepts: legal entities and private individuals (subscribers / Enterprises), Call Center / Search Based Application).

  • Healthcare and provident mutual fund

    Business consulting in the framework of the definition and formalization of use cases Identification / categorization of use cases linked to the business processes existing, formalization of a Big Data trajectory making it possible to identify the first use case - to be undertaken in the framework of a PoC, analysis of operational implications of the broad options identified at the business, organizational and economic level, operational support in the context of the establishment of a first PoC associated with the selected use case.

  • International life assurance group

    Detection of Health and Welfare benefits fraud. Assignment to combat health and welfare benefits fraud, mapping of risks of fraud existing within the organization, identification of risks and anti-fraud checks (supplementary proposals based on the Kadris monitoring catalog), predictive analysis tooling initiative. Initialization of the model - pilot phase.